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We’re a digital-forward creative agency making websites greater than. We practice the philosophy of Greater Than. This is our website. We create powerful website experiences across a variety of platforms. We achieve high quality and high customer satisfaction to increase your profit.


  • Web Designs

    More 100+ creative web design templates on offer at Onyxious. Get today a high quality creative web design for your website to look and sound impressive.

  • Responsive Design

    Creating a more flexible, more responsive website. As we do so, we’ll have created a design that can adapt to the constraints of the browser window or device that renders it, creating a design that almost responds to the user’s needs.

  • E-comm Site

    The popularity of the online marketplace shows no signs of slowing, so now may be the perfect time to start selling on the web.

  • Web social media‎

    Communicate and engage with your users through the social media to increase your audience and popularity.

  • CMS-based Website

    Provides authoring tools designed to allow users with little or no knowledge of programming languages or markup languages to create and manage content with relative ease of use.

  • SEO Web Marketing

    help you optimize your website pages, so they will have the best chance to get found by your target market. Remember that creating new optimized content on a weekly basis is critical to achieving long-term success with SEO.

Web Design

The Website looks good on retina displays. Everything is sharp.

Graphic Design

Visual communication, and problem-solving
through the use of type, space and image.


Layout will fit each resolution. Desktop, tablet,
mobile not a problem at all.

Video Editing

Dealing with a Pro
to get and become a pro.


Designs and prints forms
of every shape and size.

Web Hosting

Is your website ready
for the world?

Social Media

Search, follow and share
via social media to grow your business.

Mobile Apps

Not mobile yet?
You are missing a part of your business.


Deciding to use SEO is a big decision
that can potentially improve your site and save time,

We offer a range of additional products and services

In addition to our quality customer service, we offer the following products and services to make your everyday business a free and experience:

Pay 50% off and get your original and professionally designed web site.

  • Event Video Recording

    Recording your event is an exciting and great opportunity of sharing your talks, living for the moment and keeping your memories forever.

  • Video & Sound Editing

    Start making awesome clip that look smart on TV with high quality sound for your production deserves.

  • Web Design and Web Templates

    More 100+ creative web design templates on offer at Onyxious. Get today a high quality creative web design for your website to look and sound impressive.

  • CD & DVD printing and Cover Designs

    We offer an one-stop application for designing and printing disc labels, multipage booklets, cover art, jewel case inserts, and more...

  • Photo Books

    Making a professional photo books—gorgeous, gallery-worthy print books or ebooks—whether is our job. From simple to professionally designed layouts, you'll find it easy to push the creative edge and create any layout—all photos, photos and text, black and white or color—that you can imagine.

  • Banners, Signs, Posters and Flyers

    Quickly design professional digital posters & marketing flyers with an unlimited Re-Editing. Save time/effort and get more followers and customers.

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Phone: +27 76 159 7824
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